#012 Jelly Pipe

Jelly PipeI n a game full of happiness, the gameplay is easy and chasing confused Shy Guys is satisfying. Funnily enough that in this colorful world my favorite stage has always been the Jelly Pipe. The level is set in the sewers and everything but pleasant, but the music was so cool, it made me play the level over and ...

#011 Highway Stage

Highway StageS tages in the series have always fitted its bosses’ characteristic well. Unlike this long lasting tradition, the new generation starts with a highway setting that felt a bit more recent to kids from 1990s. Available Products

#010 Treehouse

TreehouseA s a video game series featuring monkeys as their protagonists there could be no better entry as a treehouse, that would be revived in various installments.

#009 Hamelin

HamelinA dream came true for J-RPG and Ghibli fans when exploring this beautiful cell-shading world. However it’s a bit odd, that beside all stunning locations the industrial city Hamelin is one of my favorites because the idea of a “moving” city is simply amazing.

#008 Kalimari Desert

Kalimari DesertT he simple layout of the Kalimari Desert makes the race track more than manageable, but the course offers some nice feature and adds some extra heart throbbing when sliding underneath a train or entering tunnels.

#007 Bottom of the Well

Bottom of the WellT he older my love for this game becomes, the stronger my antipathy for the Kakariko well grows. I could make a speed finishing the dungeons in no time, trying to escape them as soon as possible.

#006 Sector X

Sector XE ntering the shattered area of Sector X felt a bit like train mode when evading obstacles again and again in Star. How very mind-blown my 10 year old brain was when realizing that the wreckage was actually moving to assemble its final boss?

#005 Deling City

Deling City (Edea`s Parade)A t its release this game offered revolutionary motion capture sequences. My personal favorite scene definitely the parade sequence in Deling City because of it's tension and the in-game movement in a film sequence. Who else didn't move because of gazing at the dancing crowd when Squall and Irving are supposed to pass the parade?

#004 Millennial Fair

Millennial FairT he Millennial Fair invites you to the wonderful Chrono Universe, a series I was introduced to quite late but still counts as one of my personal favorites. The fair offers some games to play, free food and great characters to meet.

#003 Temple of Time

Temple of TimeT he Temple of Time is like THE place where all the heavy unveiling happens. After escaping the big belly of Jabu Jabu standing on solid grounds has never felt so good.

#002 Clock Town

ClocktownThe Legend of Zelda – Majora's MaskT he adventures in Termina always had a special place in my heart, after I’ve been captivated by it's story and music. Especially the background music on the third day made me stay in Clocktown for a while, even though time is running.

#001 Hyrule Castle

Hyrule CastleThe Legend of Zelda – A Link To The PastH yrule Castle is one of the recurring locations from the whole series. This stamp also reminds me of the first time I held a video game console controller in my hands to play my first every RPG—a link to the past indead.

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