#055 Delfino Plaza

Delfino PlazaA ccording to the phrase "Paradise Lost", a rather strange journey begins as soon as you set foot on the tropical Isle Delfino. What should be a relaxing vacation starts with the unpleasant mission not only to clean up the island, but also your name.

#054 Fire Temple

Fire TempleS urrounded by burning hot rocks lies a prison in the middle of Death Mountain. The way to the entrance of the temple is already a challenge. But new and old friends guide the way through the labyrinth past the steel hammer and finally to the door of the fire dragon.

#053 Blackreach

BlackreachH idden inside a massive cave lies a world that resembles an underwater or intergalactic landscape. Deserted buildings indicate that something must have happened here, that still has to be uncovered. In the middle of the blue-clad landscape sits a golden orb, which –of course– is guarded by a winged lizard. Did we really expected otherwise?

#052 Forest Temple

Forest TempleB eyond Sacred Forest Meadow lies Forest Temple, whose interior resembles an abandoned museum. With the well-earned fairy bow the ghost hunt is on and rewarded with the entrance to the basement (which is never a good sign...). Even the boss area is unusual: the art gallery like room does not seem very threatening but the identical pictures are ...

#051 Lakeview Hotel

Lakeview HotelA fter an odyssey through an underground prison, a stay at the lake hotel actually sounds quite nice. The environment appears "familiar" foggy and the entrance to the cozy resort is quickly made. The end of a journey to "our special place" quickly turns out to be a trip into the past and shows the sad end of a ...

#050 Solaire

SolaireB eing a character, Solaire of Astora doesn't actually count as a place. But meeting the wandering knight in the most unpleasant places is always an instant mood changer in the most positive way. Of all diverse and often dubious characters, Solaire appears to be one of the more trustworthy. He maybe let it a bit slip after one (or ...

#049 Fountainhead Palace

Fountainhead PalaceT he area around Fountainhead Palace has much to offer and to discover: Beautiful music as well as a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. But quickly it becomes clear that something must have happened, as most of the temple complex is underwater. But danger lurks not only deep down, but also above.

#048 Kokiri Forest

Kokiri ForestA woken by a nightmare and greeted by a fairy, the journey begins in a forest village inhabited by children only. Time is short and after having taken possession of a sword and shield, the journey continues to meet the guardian of the forest - a gigantic, talking tree. Inside awaits the first dungeon. Available Products Spiritual Trio Sticker ...

#047 The Lighthouse

The LighthouseT he lighthouse is the only refuge after an obscure plane crash. But what seems to be the end of a trip, turns out to be the beginning of a miraculous and predestined journey. Although the lighthouse's decor is rather simple, it gives a good taste of what's waiting in the deep. The only way further down is a ...

#046 Zora’s Domain

#046 Zora's DomainD iscovering new locations has always been one of my favorite parts of gaming. When anticipating to discover new landscapes and traveling to Zora's Domain to find another useful item, unfortunately, it was more than underwhelming and ended up quite unpleasant. What else could be worse than walking inside a giant fish filled with electric jellyfish to obtain ...

#045 North Window

North WindowO nce being a peaceful castle, North Window later turns into a ghost town after a certain vampire overlord overruns it. Mindful gamers will know that the bloodsucking fiend can only be defeated by a similar self-absorbed and talkative sword. After an intense scene and an epic fight, the place later turns into the heroes' headquarters. And even though ...

#044 Death Mountain

Death MountainJ ust learned that a great evil threatens the kingdom, one pushes forward to acquire the second of three holy stones. Death Mountain may seem to be a simple trail but it harbors many secrets – some to be the home of Gorons, a fiery cave, and an unruly volcano. Available Products Spiritual Trio Sticker €5,00 Add to cart ...

#042 Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak RuinsD isguised as a mansion on a snow-covered mountain, the Snowpeak Ruin don't feel like a dungeon at all. And running through the living room of a Yeti couple while helping the hosts to prepare dinner, adds to the homey feeling.

#041 Building Q

Building Q / Nevada TestsideI n a game that is pretty good at blowing one's mind over and over again – everything is possible. Just like a giant replica of the Titanic in the Nevada desert...

#040 Painted World of Ariamis

Painted World of AriamisE ntered in a very unusual way, the snowy and calm place feels totally detached from the whole game. When digging deeper into its sad story the place feels utterly quiet.

#039 Honeybee Inn

Honeybee InnFinal Fantasy VIIT he Honeybee Inn in Midgar's slums is a very curious place that hides many secrets behind its neon light walls. When exploring the insides as a child, the appearance of the many muscular men leaves no doubt: This must be a place for wrestling! Available Products Honeybee Inn Sticker €2,00 Add to cart

#037 New L.A.

New L.A.N ew LA is the human home base on an unknown planet. Though I sometimes questioned the functionality of the many districts, I enjoyed seeing the huge, empty places being filled with new and unknown species.

#036 Katina

Katina (Frontline Defense Post)W hat appears to be your average desert planet turns out to be a scene from the Independence Day movie. Even though the approach of a mothership is announced, the huge black circle on the map put some extra pressure on me.

#035 Cauldron Lake Lodge

Cauldron Lake LodgeI n video games, medical institutions are never pleasant places. The hotel turned psychiatric clinic, however, is the most interesting place. It turns out to be a turning point in the game, leaving the player to question the mental state of the protagonist.

#034 Cycling Road

Cycling Road/Route 17S ometimes I set myself milestones before fully approaching a game. For this game it's obtaining the bike, that lets you move much faster. How unfortunate that developers have foreseen the evolution of lazy gamers like me and invented a highway, that can only be entered when owning a bike. The Route 17 is filled with trainers that are ...

#033 Stiltzkin

StiltzkinR PGs are all about adventures and exploring all kinds of places, and traveling fictional worlds for years made me feel confident about my skills. However, after meeting Stiltzkin, an adventure-expert moogle, it all fades away and I felt degraded to an errant girl, delivering letters all over the world.

#032 Spencer Mansion

Spencer MansionO ld fancy buildings have always been part of the Mother of Horror Gaming. It all started with the Spencer Mansion from the first title, a beautiful manor in the mountain that was used as a secret laboratory and was the scene of a sad family tragedy.

#031 Astral Clocktower

Astral ClocktowerH ow unusual that in THE game of unpleasant places, one of its DLCs feels like an own little universe of horror. After exploring the halls of an old asylum, the player is rewarded by meeting the Lady of the Astral Clocktower, who appears to be a very skilled boss with a very beautiful attire and even cooler weapons.

#030 Temporal Vortex

Temporal VortexT he Temporal Vortex is a place that got me by surprise. Its level design appears to be created with color pencils and the color theme is colorful but feels dangerous at the same time.

#029 Opera House

The Opera HouseT his game always had a certain drama to its story and character design, and always reminded me of classic literature. How very fitting that its opera house is not only a point of interesting in the game but also the venue of an actual Opera and a tragic place for various reason. Available Products Opera House Sticker ...

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