#037 New L.A.

New L.A.N ew LA is the human home base on an unknown planet. Though I sometimes questioned the functionality of the many districts, I enjoyed seeing the huge, empty places being filled with new and unknown species.

#036 Katina

Katina (Frontline Defense Post)W hat appears to be your average desert planet turns out to be a scene from the Independence Day movie. Even though the approach of a mothership is announced, the huge black circle on the map put some extra pressure on me.

#035 Cauldron Lake Lodge

Cauldron Lake LodgeI n video games, medical institutions are never pleasant places. The hotel turned psychiatric clinic, however, is the most interesting place. It turns out to be a turning point in the game, leaving the player to question the mental state of the protagonist.

#034 Cycling Road

Cycling Road/Route 17S ometimes I set myself milestones before fully approaching a game. For this game it's obtaining the bike, that lets you move much faster. How unfortunate that developers have foreseen the evolution of lazy gamers like me and invented a highway, that can only be entered when owning a bike. The Route 17 is filled with trainers that are ...

#033 Stiltzkin

StiltzkinR PGs are all about adventures and exploring all kinds of places, and traveling fictional worlds for years made me feel confident about my skills. However, after meeting Stiltzkin, an adventure-expert moogle, it all fades away and I felt degraded to an errant girl, delivering letters all over the world.

#032 Spencer Mansion

Spencer MansionO ld fancy buildings have always been part of the Mother of Horror Gaming. It all started with the Spencer Mansion from the first title, a beautiful manor in the mountain that was used as a secret laboratory and was the scene of a sad family tragedy.

#031 Astral Clocktower

Astral ClocktowerH ow unusual that in THE game of unpleasant places, one of its DLCs feels like an own little universe of horror. After exploring the halls of an old asylum, the player is rewarded by meeting the Lady of the Astral Clocktower, who appears to be a very skilled boss with a very beautiful attire and even cooler weapons.

#030 Temporal Vortex

Temporal VortexT he Temporal Vortex is a place that got me by surprise. Its level design appears to be created with color pencils and the color theme is colorful but feels dangerous at the same time.

#029 Opera House

The Opera HouseT his game always had a certain drama to its story and character design, and always reminded me of classic literature. How very fitting that its opera house is not only a point of interesting in the game but also the venue of an actual Opera and a tragic place for various reason. Available Products

#028 Cantlin Garden

Cantlin GardenB uilding my own medieval realm was so relaxing... until I looked up a list of rooms and found out that I'm still missing a certain one! Eventually, I checked it's requirements to find out that Cantlin Garden can only be built in a certain area with a water nearby. But wait! Where is that water? It's not on ...

#027 Romani Ranch

Romani RanchA s foreigners we use to hear all kind of strange things happening in Japanese entertainment, but I can't say that in this medieval setting anything unusual ever happened. Until I found out about the alien abduction scene on Romani Ranch and the related quest, where the player has to protect cows (!) from being abducted.

#026 Shinra HQ Staircase

Shinra HQ StaircaseT aking the more secure route in Shinra's Headquarters doesn't only leave you with no EXP at all when ditching the confrontation at the main gate. Also, it takes like forever to reach the top, when climbing 60 floors!

#025 Funky Mushroom

Funky MushroomM ushroom definitely is one unique status ailment, and it made it on top of my list of awful incidents! It shuffles the controller's positions all the time and characters are literally running in circles. To make it worth, Mushroom can only be healed by certain people and makes you hope to not cross path with enemies that could ...

#024 Garamsythe Waterway

Garamsythe WaterwayC ompared to all dungeons and sidequests in the game, I spend the longest part of the game in the sewers of Garamsythe Waterway. The story begins in the waterway where some nasty monsters and mobs hide. But just when I thought I finally made it, it turned out there's another nerve time-consuming riddle waiting and a creepy Esper ...

#023 Frontier Village

Frontier VillageF or many reasons, this game became the love of my life. Maybe because of its captivating story, wonderful soundtrack, and the giant, beautiful world. Or perhaps because it's the first j-rpg for years that is not a remake or build up on typical rpg-recipe but still feels like one of the old school games. Frontier Village may be ...

#022 Minakami Village

Minakami VillageI t doesn't take much to get me horrified, but watching the opening sequence and entering Minakami Village (actually, nothing happened to that point) was too much for me to handle.

#021 Viridian City

Viridian CityH ow very odd that the gym in the second town in the game is actually the last one to conquer. This bugged me so much that I went back to the city after each badge claimed, to check if the gym was open.

#020 Nu’s Scratch-Point

Nu's Scratch-PointN u are very unique characters in the video game universe. They're hilarious, tricky to fight and take you to most extraordinary places. Just as the "Secret scratch-point" that is discovered once you touch a certain Nu's back. After that, you are rewarded with nothing but confusion. Available Products

#019 Fairy Fountain

Great Fairy FountainG reat Fairies have always been one of a kind, but the somewhat pushy ladies from the  the latest game sure are something else. The four fairy sisters are different in character, so I'm sure every gamer has its favorite. Available Products

#018 Tourian

TourianT his is one of the earliest games I had to pause because I was terrified. The music was intense and the stages felt cold and narrow, beside the fact that I expected the first jelly fish to pop up behind every corner. Strange enough that the games' title may not only hints at the console generation but to a ...

#017 Bonfire

BonfireE ach game from the series starts with being a nameless warrior who has no place in the world. Danger awaits behind every corner and even though we always find a tight spot to hide for the moment, there is no real save place (at least not online...). But I wonder... Is there really no place home? Well, actually there ...

#016 Cargo Ship

Cargo ShipL ike any other RPG game, traveling is a fundamental element. But traveling through this medieval world feels more like a "journey", leading every character to a new consciousness and self-awareness. The tumultuous journey actually starts with a small cargo ship, bringing the party-to-be together while accepting their first challenge.

#015 Patches’ Boutique of Wonders

Patches' Boutique of WondersP atches is the most unpleasant merchant in the whole series, free ass-kicking included. Even though it's nice talking to a non-depressing character once in while, you never know when Patches strikes. (Be wary of abyss...) Available Products

#014 Rainbow Road

Rainbow RoadT he Rainbow Road is the last course on the list for a reason! It's one of the tougher tracks and it's design is overwhelming. Actually the Nintendo 64 version wasn't all that hard but the color changing floor and neon light figures were just too much. Another fun thing was a tiny jump right after the start line ...

#013 Village of Dali

Village of DaliA fter an uneasy trip, the Village of Dali appears to be the perfect place to relax with its idyllic scenery and calm soundtrack. But soon after the parties' arrival, the village turns out to be a place from a detective story with dark secrets underneath.

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