Hi! My name is Anna Dittmer and I’m a designer and illustrator in Düsseldorf, Germany. From an early age I had a certain fondness for Japanese video games and culture, and I’m excited to bring together both interests in a fun project.

In 2015 I’ve hit the road and traveled through Japan for the first time where I found out about “memorial stamps” that can be collected at historic sites, places of interested and even train stations. Having a piece of paper/notebook at the ready, you use a rubber stamp to take an unique and wonderful designed keepsake with you. Some places offer multiple stamps in a certain area which makes it a great challenge to gotta find ’em all.

Also being an enthusiast of Japanese RPG video games since childhood  I decided to bring together both interests of mine to create stamp designs as a memento of my favorite video games places as part of designer and letterer Lauren Hom‘s workshop “Passion to Paid” in 2017.

More information and pretty pictures of Japanese travel stamps:

Riding the Yamanote Line Railway Stamp Rally by Spoon & Tamago
The Eki Stamp by Dan Medina
Railroad Station Stamp Designs book by Seigensha


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