What’s Pixel Passport?

In short: PxP is a creative fan project where stamp designs for video games places are created.

Hi! My name is Anna Dittmer and I’m a designer and illustrator in Düsseldorf, Germany. From an early age, I had a fondness for Japanese video games and culture, and I’m excited to bring together both interests in a fun project.

In 2015 I’ve hit the road and traveled to Japan for the first time. There I found out about “memorial stamps” that can be collected at historic sites, places of interested and even train stations. Having a piece of a paper/notebook at the ready, you use a rubber stamp to take a unique and wonderful designed keepsake with you. Some places offer multiple stamps in a certain area which makes it a great challenge to gotta find ’em all.

Pixel Passport is inspired by that idea of collecting keepsakes from memorable places. Together with a number of great guest designers and fellow gaming enthusiasts, I  create stamp designs for my favorite places from video games.


Since its launch, some blogs and news services have been featuring Pixel Passport on their website. Many thanks for looking into the project!

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Portrait by Jushmu

How Japan’s memorial stamps work

Curious how to collect memorial stamps on your next trip to Japan? Here are a little guide and some tips to get you prepared!


Always take a piece of paper with you (I recommend a notebook or A6 paper).
You never know when the next wild stamp station may appear!

Find a Stamp Location

Keep your eyes open for stamp stations – some may look inconspicuous! Most can be around sightseeing spots or train stations.


Pull out your piece of paper and enjoy the moment of stamping. Also, write down when and where you've found it if you like!

Expansion Pack: Tips and advice

Some places offer leaflets on which a stamp area is already integrated.

If you're lucky you're able to choose between different colored ink pads.

You may find multiple stations in larger areas.

During annual rallies, you can collect special stamps (e.g. Pokemon).

Some stations are only accessible if you have paid entrance fees for the area though.

Tokyo's Yamanote Line is especially famous as you can collect multiple stamps using only one railway line.


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