#062 Ganon’s Castle

Ganon's CastleT he once gleaming castle, now turned into a dark fortress where the last stand awaits. But before the lord of darkness can be overthrown, his fort must be conquered. And to great surprise you won't only find traps and dangers around every corner, but friends and allies with encouraging words.

#060 Spirit Temple

Spirit TempleA fter an exhausting ghost hunt through the desert, we find ourselves before the face of the Goddess of the Sands. The impressive stone colossus not only houses the next dungeon, but leads to a journey between past and present.

#058 Shadow Temple

Shadow TempleF inally! You have escaped the cold, dead hand from the well and took a deep breath of fresh air after filling your lungs with mold. But the hunt continues to the prison beyond the cemetery where true terror awaits. The eye of truth may offer more insight into the dangers ahead, but some things better stay unseen.

#056 Water Temple

Water TempleT his quite unpopular dungeon is pure horror to everyone who isn't exactly fond of deep water. Adjusting water levels, lots of diving and even more haven't-I've-been-here-already situations make this place really hard to like. Even advanced adventurers (a.k.a. people who played the game way too much #notmeđź‘€) may struggle finding their way in comparison to every other dungeon.

#054 Fire Temple

Fire TempleS urrounded by burning hot rocks lies a prison in the middle of Death Mountain. The way to the entrance of the temple is already a challenge. But new and old friends guide the way through the labyrinth past the steel hammer and finally to the door of the fire dragon.

#002 Clock Town

ClocktownThe Legend of Zelda – Majora's MaskT he adventures in Termina always had a special place in my heart, after I’ve been captivated by it's story and music. Especially the background music on the third day made me stay in Clocktown for a while, even though time is running.

#001 Hyrule Castle

Hyrule CastleThe Legend of Zelda – A Link To The PastH yrule Castle is one of the recurring locations from the whole series. This stamp also reminds me of the first time I held a video game console controller in my hands to play my first every RPG—a link to the past indead.

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