#053 Blackreach

BlackreachH idden inside a massive cave lies a world that resembles an underwater or intergalactic landscape. Deserted buildings indicate that something must have happened here, that still has to be uncovered. In the middle of the blue-clad landscape sits a golden orb, which –of course– is guarded by a winged lizard. Did we really expected otherwise?

#043 Wily Stage 1

Wily Stage 1W ily's stages are known to be full of surprises but who would expect a dragon to be the boss of its first level? Also, the fight turns out to be unexpectedly hard to manage because there isn't much room for movement but an awfully lot of space for misstep... This design is part of last years' Pixel Passport's Kickstarter ...

#038 Tristram Cathedral

Tristram CathedralT ristram Cathedral serves as the first full-fledged dungeon in the game. It's the beginning of a long journey and hides some spine-chilling secrets when reaching its bottom. Tristram Cathedral was created as part of Pixel Passport's first Kickstarter campaign. Available Products

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